Thank You!

The band is growing, travelling, stuffing new tricks up our sleeves, and about to start recording the third album. Thank you all for listening, and sharing, and showing up. No you, no us

The LoLos at Hotel Utah, San Francisco

And so The LoLos came to San Francisco's Hotel Utah, determined to convert the Mormons to their unique brand of rock n roll beaver shamanism

XOXO Album Release - Review

Another blue-ribbon review! If Synthesis Chico was a duck billed platypus, we would kiss them right on the duck bill. Alas, they are people, sexy sexy people with lips not bills.. Many thank yous to Synthesis and the Chico music…

LoLo Drumhead

Say hello to the newest band member, Señor Drumhead, great thanks to all of you who bought XOXO

Big Bang Appearance

The LoLos stopped traffic playing a set at The Naked Lounge Big Bang Extravaganza

Lost On Main, The Grand Rebirth

THE RUGS, THE LOLOS and BROKEN RODEO. Fri. Jan. 31, 2014 at Lost On Main. Show at 9pm.  Commemorative poster available at the show.

Scoundrel, live, on a farm

The album release show was riotously great! It was like a meteor shower of fan-love and beer. Thank you all so much for supporting us rapscallions in our shenanigans, you make this band possible..
So click here: Scoundrel - Live