An Article on our recent performance

..songs about parakeets, and wolves, and love

The LoLos on Tour

Livermore 7/4 San Jose @ The Rock Shop 7/5 and Sacramento @ The Torch Club 7/6

Zach Attack is Back

We are over-the-moon elated to announce that the recklessly handsome and devilishly talented Zach "Zues" Sanchez, aka Big Sexy, is back in the band and The LoLos are at full sail

6/27 Sacred Movement Festival - Concow
6/28 1078 Gallery…

Goodnight Mr Tom

We've known for the past year that our time with Tom Nasr was limited. In this time we've grown a lot as a band, gigged a whole bunch, written and recorded some of our favorite songs (4 recordings you haven't…